Vogue’s model cover and Menon Madness

April 23, 2009 § 2 Comments

While I’m loving the cover shot of American Vogue’s May issue, its kinda sad that there’s even a reason for a fashion mag to have a special issue for models. Its yet another example of the cult of celebs taking over all media. Models should’ve never left covers in the first place! They don’t have to be like the supers from the 80s & 90s but covers are supposed to be their territory. So sick of seeing celebs on covers of almost every issue for most mags.

awesome model cover!

awesome model cover!

I hope this issue is a herald of the return of models to mag covers…and NOT just an ad for the ‘model as muse’ exhibition at the MET. That said, I DO really really love the cover. Its a beautiful composition and the models look gorgeous. Plus, another cover with some color!!! This is the 3rd consecutive Vogue cover with a black woman featured!

I’ve been seeing more and more models of color (black, asian, latin, etc) in editorials, ads, AND on covers!! Exciiiiting! Maybe that all black Italian Vogue issue had some influence? Its definitely not the whole reason but maybe it was a signal or indicative of a cultural shift to more openness and more diversity of beauty? I could be a bit too optimistic but I hope this (along with models taking covers back) is real change and not just another cyclical fashion trend.

my fave model

my fave model

Lakshmi Menon rocks the casbah. She has an editorial in this issue of Vogue. I love love love love her! She not only has a great look and gorgeous skin but also has a college degree and didn’t really “break” until she was 25 with that Hermes campaign! I think its awesome her career took off at an older age than normal. 25 is over the hill for models but it shouldn’t be that way. I hope Lakshmi continues to be successful at all she does. There is such a variety of models in this issue!! Various ethnicities, ages, body types, looks…wish every issue was like this. I haven’t been this excited about an issue of Vogue since….i can’t even remember!

so fierce!

so fierce!


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