badass jewelry! its all about Audibert!

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Do you know Philippe Audibert and his awesome jewelry? If you like pieces that are a bit edgy and cool then you will love his designs! He works mostly with Swarovski crystals and uses a chain mail technique. (I’m teaching myself a few variations of chain mail…if i end up with something cool, of course I’ll post it here!) check out his website!

Here’s a bit from his bio:

“Philippe studied for eight years at the famed ACADEMIE des BEAUX ARTS in Paris, before creating his first line of jewelry, hats, handbags, eyeglasses and decorative objects. This accessories collection debuted in 1989.

He began working with resin and soon after in metal thus developing his signature technique. By weaving metal, Philippe creates an intricate structure of contoured forms and sculptural style. This distinctive aesthetic produced the unique designs showcased by the impressive cuffs that first garnered international recognition. Focusing exclusively on the continued evolution and elevation of his jewelry, Philippe established a partnership with SWAROVSKI in 1999. He now owns exclusive rights to several shapes of multifaceted crystals, including those presently adorning his designs.

Philippe received many invitations to collaborate with established design houses and has created exclusive runways collections for labels including: LAGERFELD GALLERY, PACO RABANNE, CACHAREL and AGNES B.”

What do you think of Audibert’s work?




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