new addictions…looklet

May 29, 2009 § 4 Comments

one of my outfits

one of my outfits

OMG! so who hasn’t yet heard about I was a member before they went public and have been hooked since day 1!!! Have styling fantasies? Want to put together the perfect outfit or 2 or 500? Love playing with clothes? Then you will adore this site!! Go join the community at!! But be forewarned! You’ll get sucked in creating fabulous outfits and you won’t notice the hours zipping by.

if you’re interested, you can check out my other style creations by typing hopuchan in the search box at or just click here. Let me know what you think of my outfits! If you want, leave a link to your looklet page and i’ll check it out.


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§ 4 Responses to new addictions…looklet

  • pk says:

    how do you make the outfits? it won’t let me!

    I LOVE YOUR COLLECTION btw. so creative.

    • realitysandwiches says:

      once you join and sign in, you should be able to make outfits. just go to ‘create new look’ and then start clicking on the clothes you want on the model. you can change models too and if you click on the models’ faces you can change their facial expression. glad you like my collection! its so fun to put the outfits together! once you join, send me your link and i’ll check out your outfits!!

  • pk says:

    lol! thanks so much, i realised i didn’t get the activation link thing
    and this is so addicting! i’ve made 4 outfits in the past hr. :]

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