the beauty of concrete…as jewelry

July 2, 2009 § 1 Comment

concrete rings

concrete rings

i love concrete (comes from my background in architecture i guess) and i love 22 design studio‘s concrete rings! they are actually quite light and have a smooth almost velvety soft surface texture. the inside is a steel band. the 2 designs (“rock ring” and “corner ring”) in the image above are my favorites! i love the fact that they took a material that many don’t see as beautiful and made these beautiful rings. plus, these awesome designs are very affordable! you can buy them at the designboom shop.

the cool thing about concrete as a jewelry material is that it changes over time responding to the person wearing it and the environment. similar to metals oxidizing over time and creating interesting effects unique to each wearer, concrete also reflects the individual wearer by slight changes in color and texture due to the person’s body chemistry (natural oils, sweat, etc), how often its worn, exposure to humidity/water, and thermal expansion and contraction due to temperature. all of these effect how the ring will look over time; in essence it becomes a kind of record of the wearer and becomes something unique to the wearer. i think that’s amazingly awesome. the power of concrete! like i mention before, the rings are surprisingly light weight…because they’re made from concrete and are quite solid-looking, you’d think the rings must be weighty but they are actually as light if not lighter than most metal rings!

another reason why i love concrete and the idea of jewelry made from it is that it can take (almost) whatever shape you want. its like water…it doesn’t have a shape of its own so it takes on whatever the shape of the mold you pour it in. its a material of potential since its so malleable that the possibilities are endless for what you can make with it! i can wait to see more from 22 design studio. you can tell they really love this material and are wonderful designers. with a combination like that, you can’t go wrong. aren’t their designs fabulous? what do you think of the rings?  how does concrete as jewelry material sound to you?


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  • I Design says:

    as a concrete jewelry fan It will be wonderful to get your feedback on Hadas Shaham concrete line. Hadas designs consist of contemporary jewelry formed by simple geometric shapes combining concrete, silver and gold to an art. Her process applied varies from specialized handcrafting techniques to advanced Silversmithing.
    Hadas is an Israeli designer who in selected stores in the US. here is her web site
    Please let me know your feedback.

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