say bye to…Daul Kim

November 19, 2009 § Leave a comment

model daul kim is dead. i can’t believe it. i’m an avid follower of her blog…you can find it in my blog roll list, ‘i like to fork myself‘. lately her posts were indicating that she was feeling lonely, confused, and questioning of her life… really depressing stuff. i really hope she didn’t commit suicide although its seems like that may be the case according to a source for New York magazine. my heart goes out to her family and friends, the people that really knew her…i only knew her through her amazing modeling work and her surprisingly open and very thoughtful blog posts but i will miss her very much.

her last post seems so eerie now. she posted a house song called “i go deep” by jim rivers. she was a big minimal house fan. she began almost every post with “say hi to”…this last post is titled, “say hi to forever”. now, much like everyone else, i’m wondering if this was some kind of cry for help or a suicide note or if this last post had any other meaning behind it. there were many earlier posts from throughout the past year when i would think to myself, ‘whoa…she sounds so sad and lonely’ or ‘man, she’s so depressed even though her career is really taking off’…but what can a stranger reading a blog do? every time she posted something about how lonely she was or if she was feeling off…there would be lots of encouraging and consoling comments to try to cheer her up.

oh man…now it sounds like i really think she offed herself. i really don’t want to believe that until its confirmed. i don’t want to believe she’s really gone but unfortunately i’m not in that much denial. maybe it was all a horrible accident?

well, i’d rather think about happier things…here’s a selection of some of my fave daul pics:

daul kim ID mag

beautiful daul RIP

RIP daul kim

love this shot

daul kim rip

love this too!

sweetly daul

so sweet!

daul kim in this months russh mag

last work for daul? her editorial in this is awesome...

daul kim rip


daul rip

when she signed with next management

daul at paris shows 2008

daul goofing off in paris 🙂

hey miss daul! you’ll be very much missed! i hope you are in a better place and have found your peace.

your fan always,



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