Galactic Empire State of Mind

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so this is so hilarious! there’s other covers of jay z and alicia keys’s song “empire state of mind” but i think this is the best so far! i may be biased because i’m also a star wars fan… check it out!

if you want to see the video at the original college site (i suggest you do) and without the ads on youtube, go this site.


OH SNAP! don’t mess with the snap diva!!

November 16, 2009 § 1 Comment

this is amazing. triple heart this. its like that show of shows “in living color” sketch  men on film (2 snaps and a circle!) but so much more!

there’s a FAMINE of beauty!

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soooo, i’ve seen the september issue….TWICE!

how much do you love this film? its so entertaining and its fascinating to see how the magazine gets put together and all the fabulous personalities involved! i still have my copy of the vogue sept 07 issue (i don’t throw my mags away!); now its great to flip through it and know all the back-story and what was left out! i already loved anna and grace but now i heart them even more!

movie review: ocean of pearls

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ocean of pearls movie

ocean of pearls movie

so yesterday i went to see a film called ocean of pearls. i had no expectations going into the theater and thoroughly enjoyed the film. there were great shots of detroit (most of the story was set in detroit). its one of the few films set in detroit that not only actually shot in the city but also showed the nice parts instead of only the bad areas. it was directed by a local doctor believe it or not. the entire cast gives solid performances, especially the lead actor omid abtahi who plays amrit singh, a brilliant surgeon that struggles under pressures from remaining true to his sikh faith and the challenges he faces for being sikh at his new job at a detroit hospital. what’s very poignant about ocean of pearls is that the traditions and values that guide amrit’s choices are not expressed in a heavy handed manner. instead the audience can relate and be sympathetic to his struggles.  another theme touched upon, besides amrit’s cultural dilemma, is medical ethics and the holes in the american health care system. this really hits home and resonates because of all the current debate over health care reform.

one other aspect of the film i really appreciated is the use of color as an intricate part of the storytelling. the scenes with family ( scenes about his faith, with his girlfriend, etc) are full of warm colors while the hospital scenes (and a pivotal scene where he compromises his values) are always in all stark sterile white.

this beautifully done film is definitely a must-see. hopefully its playing in a theater near you.

oh yeah, another nice surprise was seeing “mr. belding” !!! if you remember the tv show ‘saved by the bell’, you know who i’m talking about….the principle of the school! he plays an incompetent yet influential surgeon. i admit that i kinda freaked out a bit when i saw him on screen (his first scene is in the airport) and squealed. don’t tell anybody. 😉

here’s the synopsis:

Amrit Singh is of two worlds, but belongs to neither. A turban-wearing Sikh, he has lived his life in North America out of sorts and out of place, cast adrift at an uneasy crossroads between East and West. But when he is offered a prestigious position as a transplant surgeon in a Detroit hospital, the young doctor sees it as a opportunity to start fresh. He struggles to be the man he believes he is and at the same time the person he wants to be. His ambitious pursuit of success, however eventually leads to tragedy and it is only in defining his singular identity that he finds peace.

fashion flicks

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so stopping by the jennifer jewels blog reminded me of some movies that i’m dying to see. 1. the september issue – all about vogue and anna wintour as the september (biggest) issue gets prepared. if you haven’t seen the trailer, you should, its a treat! 2. picture me – an insider expose on models and what its really like in the fashion world. its still making the film festival circuit, but i can’t wait to see it! the trailer has me hooked! 3. coco avant chanel – i love movies about coco and definitely want to see audrey tautou play her.

are you excited for these films too?

here’s the trailer for “coco avant chanel” with english subtitles!!

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