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So…i was on design observer as usual and after reading a great article on fat and obesity, I read this great response in the comments area. Its written by Brad Gutting and its brilliant:

‘I think of the biggest challenges about taking on obesity is getting to the core of the problem–what people put in their mouths, and as it relates to the epidemic, what they’re told to put there. Most serious fitness people recognize the huge flaws in what doctors and the US government advises you eat, but it’s tough to convince your average person to ignore the orders of educated doctors and not eat wheat, pasta, too much fruit, and so on. Instead, we’ve made a villain of fat and stack the grocery stores with foods filled with sugar and trans fats. « Read the rest of this entry »


designing detroit

July 18, 2010 § 2 Comments

detroit artists

syncopating detroit

syncopating detroit? this is a very interesting idea…not to mention a very interesting take on what’s going on with and in detroit currently. even though i have moved away to the luring flashing lights and constant happenings of nyc, i’ll always be a detroiter. i still like to stay current with what’s happening and the myriad plans to help the city out of its slump.

one of my fave design blogs, design observer, has been posting quite a bit on ‘the D’. Here’s the latest, its an interesting read for anyone irregardless of any prior interest in the city or urban planning. just read it! lol!

Ladies and Gentlewomen

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The Gentlewoman may just become my new favorite magazine!!! I saw the 1st issue today at my fave place…Borders!! This mag rocks the casbah so far. It’s intelligent, humorous, well-written and well designed. Can you tell I’m a fan?

Artful Remains

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bone art


So I was over on Design Observer and read an article by Michael Beirut. Its about photog Francois Robert who spent a year photographing human bones. The work is striking and beautiful. I took from it a message of humans being the cause of their own destruction. Go read the article or just view the images here.

What do you think of his work?

fantasies and desires…

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richard avedon

i see you!

i went to the avedon exhibit today. it was aaaaaaaamazing! of course that is what i’d expect from a show of a masters’ work. it’s a fantasy of mine to be shot by richard avedon. i would entertain the idea that somehow we’d meet and he’d ask me to model for him and we’d have this amazingly wonderful time running around paris or new york or some other city making breath-taking images. well, whatever miniscule chance i had at that happening ended in 2004 when he died. its okay i guess…that’s what fantasies are for right?

anywho, his work is beyond fabulous and it was awe-inspiring to get a chance to see it in person. i especially love the shots of dovima!


dovima and elephants

dovima in dress


avedon’s images always were full of character and movement…almost like very sophisticated snap shots of life. even though the images look effortless and candid, usually they were big productions to create them! many of his sets were as complex as movie sets! he had this knack of hitting the zeitgeist of each decade over the 60 or so years he worked.

he also stood up to publishers that didn’t want to put nonwhite models in editorials and on the covers of high fashion magazines. he would threaten to quit and the publishers would let him have his way. one of my fave images of his (besides the shots with dovima!) is this one:


donyale in paco rabanne

i learned today that this model, donyale, was a fellow detroiter!! how cool! check out this blog to learn more about her!

china machado

china machado

this is another model he fought to shoot for his magazine work. china machado is the western world’s first nonwhite cover girl! she’s portuguese and chinese. if you want to learn more about her, and you should since she’s a really interesting woman who’s led a fascinating life, check out the NYTimes article.

if you get a chance to see an exhibit of avedon’s work, do yourself a favor and go see it! it really is a great experience to be so close to a masters’ hand.

fabulous sites: stylecaster and fashionair

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soooo…..are you on stylecaster? its a great fashion (& more!) community site. i recently joined and am loving it! its like a giant fashion hub that also incorporates life, beauty, and great editorial articles.

then there’s fashionair. this is another fashion hub site but very different from stylecaster. its more suited to shopping but i love using it to help pin down pieces that really fit my personal style.

that’s what’s great about both sites…they both clue in to your personal style based on what you click on and use that to automatically tailor your experience to your tastes. pretty cool yeah?

atelier zobel

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18kt gold and platinum set with champagne diamonds, rutilated quartz brooch

18kt gold and platinum set with champagne diamonds, rutilated quartz brooch



so, whose a fan of michael zobel? i love his work! every piece is soooo beautiful! i’m not a huge brooch person, but his brooches are amazing! they’re more like mini-paintings than jewelry. his bracelets and rings are mini-sculptures for the wrist and finger! zobel is a german designer but his work isn’t what i typically think of as german design. when i think ‘german design’ i envision clean lines, steel, very mininalist, etc…like the designs of xen. i guess that shows what i know! zobel’s work is very clean but there’s a bit of whimsy that i wouldn’t have expected and the use of color is masterful.

18kt gold and platinum set with champagne diamonds lapis lazuli brooch

18kt gold and platinum set with champagne diamonds lapis lazuli brooch

925 silver, 22 + 24 kt gold, chalcedony, black diamonds and raw diamonds bracelet

925 silver, 22 + 24 kt gold, chalcedony, black diamonds and raw diamonds bracelet

so any fans of atelier zobel out there? whats your favorite piece?

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