People spotting

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So why is it that other people see movie stars and tv stars when walking around NYC but all I’ve seen so far are reality tv stars?
I spotted this girl that was on that terrible show (yeah I watched) called “stylista” and I saw a girl from antm cycle 2 I think…she was the half Japanese girl… I’ve forgotten both their names! Anyway, I saw the antm girl on the escalator.

When am I gonna run into famous people I actually want to see?


Galactic Empire State of Mind

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so this is so hilarious! there’s other covers of jay z and alicia keys’s song “empire state of mind” but i think this is the best so far! i may be biased because i’m also a star wars fan… check it out!

if you want to see the video at the original college site (i suggest you do) and without the ads on youtube, go this site.

moving on up to the east side…

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nyc skyline

heeelllloooo new york!

so…i live in nyc now.

Testing testing…

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I have the wordpress app for my iPhone. Finally decided to try writing a post with it. I think it’s fine for short on the go posts but not anything more than a quick blurb… Writing full length posts on a phone, yes even the iPhone, isn’t so hot.

I do like the convenience of this app though!

another one bites the dust

February 11, 2010 § 1 Comment

i really hope this year isn’t going to be another year of famous people dying. i just found out that alexander mcqueen died. apparently he hanged himself. this is beyond tragic… he was a genius in the industry and its unbelievable that he’s gone. this is a sad day.

why is it that suicide is the way out fashion people take…

goodbye mcqueen…i hope you’re in a better place.

fantasies and desires…

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richard avedon

i see you!

i went to the avedon exhibit today. it was aaaaaaaamazing! of course that is what i’d expect from a show of a masters’ work. it’s a fantasy of mine to be shot by richard avedon. i would entertain the idea that somehow we’d meet and he’d ask me to model for him and we’d have this amazingly wonderful time running around paris or new york or some other city making breath-taking images. well, whatever miniscule chance i had at that happening ended in 2004 when he died. its okay i guess…that’s what fantasies are for right?

anywho, his work is beyond fabulous and it was awe-inspiring to get a chance to see it in person. i especially love the shots of dovima!


dovima and elephants

dovima in dress


avedon’s images always were full of character and movement…almost like very sophisticated snap shots of life. even though the images look effortless and candid, usually they were big productions to create them! many of his sets were as complex as movie sets! he had this knack of hitting the zeitgeist of each decade over the 60 or so years he worked.

he also stood up to publishers that didn’t want to put nonwhite models in editorials and on the covers of high fashion magazines. he would threaten to quit and the publishers would let him have his way. one of my fave images of his (besides the shots with dovima!) is this one:


donyale in paco rabanne

i learned today that this model, donyale, was a fellow detroiter!! how cool! check out this blog to learn more about her!

china machado

china machado

this is another model he fought to shoot for his magazine work. china machado is the western world’s first nonwhite cover girl! she’s portuguese and chinese. if you want to learn more about her, and you should since she’s a really interesting woman who’s led a fascinating life, check out the NYTimes article.

if you get a chance to see an exhibit of avedon’s work, do yourself a favor and go see it! it really is a great experience to be so close to a masters’ hand.

Merry Christmas!!!

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Happy Holidays!

so were you good boys and girls or did you get a lump of coal?

i wouldn’t mind a certain kind of lump of coal….a diamond!!!